Date: 10 Aug 2021 to 14 Aug 2021


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About the Event

Writing fiction is like manna from heaven for any good writer. Writing fiction is an art where you take your readers through a journey of intrigues, dramas and perils, leading to what can well be described as self-discovery. The question now is – how does one turn this wonderful responsibility of writing fiction into not just reality, but reality with meaning and reality with the conviction to create literature that is inspiring?

Your answer lies in Spark’s Online Writing Retreat 2021.

Spark has partnered with authors of repute and other masters of their art to help provide all-round guidance to aspiring fiction authors. These experts will share with you their complete knowledge of not just fiction writing but book writing as well. This will include the way you build your plot, things to remember when drawing your characters, tugging at your readers’ heartstrings with vivid descriptions and more.

Our group of honorable and renowned masters, mentors and experts will train you in a myriad ways to add a thoughtful touch to your novel.

Welcome to India’s first ever Online Writers’ Retreat where creative experts take you on a journey from good to great and from unbeknown to becoming a much-loved author.

The online retreat with full day sessions will span over five days from August 10th to August 14th, 2021. 

Thereafter, participants are provided a continuous mentorship program for a period of 6 months that will ensue till you become a published author of your dream novel.

Learn From The Masters

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai

Dr.Radhakrishnan Pillai is an award winning acclaimed author of Chanakya fame. He is a TedX speaker.

Vaibhav Purandare

Vaibhav Purandhare- Author of widely acclaimed Savarkar, a journalist.

Eshwar Sundaresan

Eshwar Sundaresan is an award winning acclaimed author for his book Bangalored.

Learn From The Mentors

Sonia Pardesi

She is an image consultant and finalist of the beauty pageant, Mrs. India – I am Beautiful.

Vasanti Hariprakash

She is an editor pickle & jar, and radio television personality.

Dr. J Mangayakarasi

She is the national chapter convener of ELTAI.

Nkoshi, Oforbuike Wisdom

He is a Nigerian screen play writer and have written 50 place Nollywood.

V Balakrishnan

He is an internationally acclaimed playwright.

The Retreat Online

As the world is going topsy-turvy due to the pandemic, it is natural  that you are finding ways to beat the pandemic blues.  Why don’t you delve deeply into the imaginative world of books and come out with a beautiful novel? 

Spark had planned for a fantastic five-day in-person retreat in the wondrous wild beauty of Devanahalli, Bangalore. However, owing to the current pandemic situation in the country, we have now moved the entire retreat online but have retained the detailed format to maintain the essence of the retreat. Award winning personalities like Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, Vaibhav Purandare, Vasanthi Hariprakash, Dr. Mangayarkarasi, Nkoshi Wisdom, Sonia Pardesi and V. Balakrishnan will inspire you with their scholarly sessions on story building, plot construction, dialogue writing, writing styles, beating the writers’ block and giving your characters style and personality. 

Spark also demystifies the publishing process in India. Keep your belief alive to publish your dream book with Spark.

6 months of intensive support

Spark is a pleasant community that cares about their writers.  Spark mentors will help you perfectly craft your novel with ease.  They explore a suitable writing style for you and help you create characters that your readers love; The key aspects to engage readers is to create lovely plots, bring in conflicts, build the scenes and weave the story with an exceptional language. 

Our mentors work with you at your convenient timings, giving top tips on all the nuances of fiction writing, may be adding a suspense or bringing a humour into your novel.  You can easily craft a science fiction, thriller, psycho thriller, drama or romance.  Our Spark writers will create those exotic worlds for you. They ensure your magical novel is crafted in a fantastic way within six months after the Retreat.  Ask for more-Publishing, Marketing, Distribution- Spark is always there for you. 

Holding hands to complete your dream book

Keerthana Venkatesh

She is the editor of Spark. A journalist by profession and guest author of a book.


She is an engineer by profession, a writer, a poet and a quote maker.

Hiral Kaup

She is a co author and co editor of several books.

Shruthi Raval

She is a advocate by profession, a blogger, a writer and an expert speaker about books.

Saurin Desai

He is an ever evolving web of stories that he absorbs and stories that he create.

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Talking about Spark

Roopa Rani Bussa

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Deena Kumar

Spark Igniting Minds

Spark, led by writing evangelist Capt. Sahana Sundar, is the platform that
quintessentially sparks knowledge within a writer – a light Inspiration to write, Aspiration
to be read and Perspiration to be an author. It takes the writer from delusion and
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Spark authors introduce their craft, share their experiences passionately and connect
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We have a tie-up with Ọlaedo BookEnds, Nigeria that is partnering with Spark.

Capt. Sahana Sundar was striving to learn the art of writing when a Eureka moment led her to create a conglomerate of writers with her launch of SPARK – Igniting Minds, a writing community. Capt. Sahana has been a passionate writer with an intense quest for knowledge. Her launch of Spark gave a massive platform for several aspiring writers across the world. The platform of Spark provided aspiring, writers, bloggers, short-story tellers, journalists, marketers and people from many other walks of life to share their literary art, exchange best practices, indulge in intelligent debates and discussions surrounding writing forms and improve their expression of thoughts with words.
Capt. Sahana Sundar