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Dear Aspiring Author, 

Welcome to the Spark Writers’ Retreat Programme!

Today is the day when you can make the decision of becoming a Future Bestseller Author by becoming part of the only professional training programme in the country for authors —Spark Writers’ Retreat—2022. 

The Retreat is a systematically-designed Professional Writing Programme, divided into three phases, with the sole objective of helping you become a successfully-published author. 

It offers 7 months of guided one-on-one mentorship along with aided music and art stimulation. As part of the programme, a dedicated team of well-established award-winning authors and highly-skilled and dexterous editors and industry experts would help you develop a manuscript that publishers, filmmakers and readers would love to read, publish and adapt! 

The Spark Retreat Team was the dream of its Founder, Captain Sahana Sundar, which brought together aspiring authors and publishers, literary agents, filmmakers, and the founders of literature festivals, all under one roof. 



June 30th to July 3rd


Indian Music Experience Museum in Bengaluru

What happens at the Retreat?

In the first phase, before intense 4-Day Writing Retreat, we take at least 8 pre-Retreat sessions to introduce future bestselling authors, like yourselves, to the various aspects and nuances of creative thinking, poetry and short-story writing, books and film-script development, plot and character setting, and, of course, the process of publishing and adaptation.  

These sessions would help them prepare for the intense 4-Day Writing Retreat, where you would be meeting, interacting and learning from our MASTER AUTHORS, who are award-winning authors and illustrious personalities. This list includes: Author, Filmmaker and TV Producer Dr. Manjari Prabhu, who is also the founder of the Pune International Literary Festival; Radhakrishnan Pillai the author popular for the famous 20-book Corporate Chanakya Series; Celebrated Historical-fiction writer Shatrujeet Nath; Media and marketing maverick Keerthana Venketesh; Award-winning Author Kulpreet Yadav; and Writer and journalist, Eshwar Sundaresan. They would share with you the secret ingredients that made their books bestsellers, and taking cues from them, you would be able to make your book a bestseller too 

After the Retreat, comes the third and final phase comprising the esteemed 6-month guided one-on-one mentorship that would be a game-changer for aspiring authors like you! Here, a dedicated MENTOR would guide, assist, motivate, support, reward, and track your progress and provide you feedback constantly…over a period of six months to make sure that your dream of becoming a successfully-published author becomes a reality! 

The 2022–edition of the Writer’s Retreat Programme with the theme: ‘Write it Right!’ would be conducted at the Indian Music Experience Museum in Bengaluru from June 30th to July 3rd.


7 Masters

4 Mentors

6 Month one-on-one mentorship

Is Success Guaranteed the Retreat?

The Spark Writers’ Retreat does not promote any bogus shortcut solutions or promote any fanciful 2-hour/week/month publishing recipes. The Retreat is a one-of-its-kind systematically-designed professional writing programme that works more like an algorithm, with very little room for slippages or errors.      We first prepare the authors for the Retreat by helping them build profound knowledge about the writing and publishing industries, enabling them to make the most of the intense 4-Day Retreat, which stands to empower them by exposing them to a million possibilities that their story holds. It helps spark creativity in aspiring authors, thereby leading to the invocation of their muses.       The Retreat provides budding authors the golden opportunity to interact and learn from some of the finest writers of this age, whom we call Masters, who have written across genres—love, crime, thriller, suspense, general fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, self-help, among others—and won awards for the same. Not just that, the retreat gives each participant gets the opportunity of working alongside a seasoned editor of their choice, whom we call Mentors, who have extensive experience across publishing domains including commissioning, developmental editing, structural editing, copyediting, proofreading, publishing, marketing, sales and adaptation.  Each mentor would train their mentees in all the disciplines mentioned herein, thereby leading them to successfully writing and subsequently publishing their works.   

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Dr. Manjiri Prabhu

The Founder—Director of the Pune International Literary Festival, Dr. Manjiri Prabhu is a mystery-thriller fiction writer, film-maker and an award-winning author, who holds a Doctorate in Communication Science. Popularly known as ‘Indian Agatha Christie’ internationally, she has been acknowledged to be a ‘Match for Dan Brown’ by Dr. Shashi Tharoor 

She has published a total of 18 books; ‘The Astral Alibi’ was recognized as a ‘Notable Book’ in the Kiriyama Prize and ‘The Cosmic Clues’ was declared a ‘Killer Book’ by Independent Mystery Booksellers of America. Her unpublished psychological thriller novel was adapted into a Bollywood film and was titled ‘Kuchh Dil Ne Kaha’. Her thesis, ‘Roles: Reel and Real’, which was converted into a book, has become a reference point for Hindi Cinema enthusiasts. Apart from this, she directed over 50 short-and-travel films and about 200 children’s TV programmes. 

In 2016, she was awarded the Rex Karmaveer Gold Medal Award instituted by iCONGO and the UN, while in 2017, she was declared the ‘Most Admired Leader of Maharashtra’ by ERTC Global Herald and conferred the ‘Inspirational Women of Maharashtra—Excellence in the field of Writing’. 


Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai

Author Of The Book, Corporate Chanakya, Winner Of The 2009 Sardar Patel Award, Dr. Pillai Is A Leading Management Guru And Also The Director Of The Chanakya Institute Of Public Leadership (Cipl) – A Training For Future Leaders Inspired By The Ancient Indian Wisdom.

Keerthana Venkatesh

Keerthana Venkatesh is a journalist-turned-marketer and the author of Storm Beneath The Grey. She has co-authored several anthologies including A Melange of Outpourings, Labyrinth of Relationships and Story Through My Eyes. She was recognised for her literary works as a young poet by The International Society of Poets (Maryland, USA) and by the Poetry Society of India. 

Over the years, Keerthana has honed her passion for writing as an editor, feature writer and columnist. She played a critical role in establishing content marketing strategies for major corporations. She also actively mentors aspiring authors. A mother to two adorable girls, she also writes a blog and often pens her learnings as a parent and her outlook on life in her quirky style. She has also edited 5 books and guest-authored several titles.

Shatrujeet Nath

From selling ice-cream, peddling computer-training courses, writing Ad copies that could sell, and being a business journalist, to becoming a successful and popular fiction writer with many books, film-scripts and web-series to his credit, Shatrujeet Nath has travelled a long distance! 

Nath quit journalism when he was at the top of his game to make a foray into fiction writing. His first book, an Indo-Pak spy thriller, The Karachi Deception was published in 2013. Thereafter, he went on to write the national bestselling epic-fantasy series Vikramaditya Veergatha comprising four books—The Guardians of the Halahala, The Conspiracy at Meru, The Vengeance of Indra and The Wrath of the Hellfires. 

Described by DNA as ‘a new face to Indian mythology’ writing, Shatrujeet Nath released his latest book Warlord of Ayodhya: Rebellion in January 2022. It is the first in a three-volume mythology series that chronicles Bharat’s fourteen-year-rule over Ayodhya during Rama’s exile.  

Kulpreet Yadav

A former Naval Officer, Kulpreet Yadav has authored several books since his retirement from the Indian Coast Guard in 2014. He writes across genres, including crime, suspense, thriller, history and romance. 

His book Murder in Paharganj won him the ‘Best Fiction Author’ award at the Gurgaon Literary Festival in 2018. His latest book, The Battle of Rezang LaI, was published in September 2021 by Penguin Random House. 

Kulpreet is also an actor and film-maker.

Eshwar Sundaresan

Eshwar Sundaresan is an engineer, writer and journalist. Some of his popular books include Behind the Silicon Mask, Bangalored: the Expat Story, Red Curry, and Wiser After—a short-story collection.  

His short-story ‘Golgotha’ won the second prize in the book ‘Winners’ a collection of prize-winning poems and stories by Unison and the British Council. 

Let me live, love, and say it in good sentences.’

Sylvia Plath


Ananya Sharma

Founder of Kia’s Kitabaan, Kitaabaan Publications and Kia Productions, Ananya is a veteran publisher, seasoned editor, author coach and content curator. Having worked with major Indian Publishing giants, including HarperCollins, Bloomsbury and Rupa, Ananya joins us with about a decade-and-a-half’s experience in the publishing arena. 

Given her dexterity, she has successfully processed more than 1,500 manuscripts—across the literary canvas of popular fiction, non-fiction and custom books, ranging from auto-biographies, biographies, business and corporate, self-help, classics, action, romance, adventure, history, suspense, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, thrillers, short-story collections, among others—making many of them topping the bestseller charts, and being remembered for the craft of writing and immaculate editing. 

For the year 2021, she was a Recommender for the prestigious Sahitya Kala Akedemi Awards. Ananya writes under the pen name ‘kia’. 

Hiral Kaup

Having authored five books and as an editor of three anthologies, Hiral Kaup is a voracious reader and a passionate writer. She has been a mentor for the Writers’ Retreat Programme since its inception in 2021. 

Hiral helps writers spruce up their skills, and pen down their stories in a way that readers cannot keep the book down till finish reading it. She is also an art lover, healer and a regression therapist enabling people to change their lives for the better, and authors to create realistic and grounded characters. 

Prior to her stint with literature and literary beings, Hiral worked with international banks of repute for over 22 years.  

Sonal Jhajj

The founder of online-interactive symposiums—Edumentors Hub, Meraki, Metamorphosis and Cosmic Aura—Sonal Jhajj is an educationist, universal healer and the writer-cum-editor of two monumental anthologies comprising non-fictional accounts and stories inspired by true events.  

Sonal helps writers fine-tune their ideas and stay motivated as they perambulate the publishing terrain, which can sometimes be daunting. She also helps them channelise their energies to be mindful and calm, which are requisites for authoring a good book. 

Rachit Kabra

Rachit is a seasoned sales coach, who started writing stories at the age of 10. His creative imagination led him to churn out stories one after the other. He is better known by his pen name ‘Bakarchand’, which translates to ‘a master storyteller’. 

Bakarchand, as Rachit is popularly known, writes gripping action and mystery thrillers, making his stories absolute page-turners. He is raring to launch his novel Farm Fresh this year. 

Rachit joins us with many years of experience in coaching and mentoring. His expertise would help authors traverse the ups and downs of the process of writing, and make it a cakewalk. 


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Do I need to pay for this?
Would it be possible for you to board a flight to your dream destination without you or someone paying for the ticket? All extraordinary things in life, need commitment, discipline, direction and investment for results to show.

The Writers’ Retreat Programme too would require you to commit to your journey of becoming an author, and practise discipline at all times for your dream to become a reality. We are here to handhold you and provide you the direction you need in return for a small investment that we call fee!

We have a range of options that you can choose from, depending on your capacity. Do check out the pricing plans and if you are unable to choose what’s best, allow us to assist you by filling the Contact Form.

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KNOW MORE—Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Checkout the FAQs.

The Spark Writers’ Retreat 2021 is a 6-month intensive program designed to help aspiring authors structure, polish and complete their book. The program includes a 5-day in-person retreat where participants will participate in intensive workshops coducted by subject matter experts and authors of repute. For the remaining period of 5 months and 3 weeks, the participants will undergo regular online workshops and mentorship sessions by subject matter experts, authors and mentors to complete their book and make it ready for publishing.

The actual workshop will begin at 9.00am and end by 6.30 pm on most of the days , however to set the spirits to high , an hours meditations sessions are offered for 3 days and they begin as early as 6.00 am

You can plan your travel outside the retreat location depending on the progress of your book, at your own expense.

Spark is in conversation with The Discovery Retreat in Devanahalli, Bangalore, where you will be accommodated with all participants, mentors, facilitators, etc. The check-in and check-out timings will be notified soon.

Participants will need to make their personal arrangements for travel to the retreat venue, include airport/railway station transfers.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning tea and two high teas are part of the fee. If you prefer any exclusive food or extra beverages, they will be at your own cost.

All participants are required to stay at the retreat to engage in various knowledge sharing activities. If due to any personal reasons a participant prefers to travel to and from the venue, participant will need to bear the travel charges. There will be no reduction in the retreat fee.

This is truly an in-retreat and post-retreat novel writing workshop, so you will not need to undergo any study before this workshop. However, if a workshop facilitator requests for specfic reading to be done, you will be informed of the same via email. This is a choice participants have. It is mandatory though to please carry curiosity and enthusiasm 🙂

Yes , the retreat welcomes participants with an interesting welcome kit .

All sessions will be recorded and made available for reference to all participants for the entire period of six months of the program.

There is no dress code for the first four days of the retreat. On Day 5, we would encourage you to dress in semi-formals for the Authors’ Connect. August is the monsoon season in Bangalore with an average temperature ranging from 19 degree celcius to 27 degree celcius. Besides, You may want to choose accordingly 🙂

It is mandatory for all participants to carry their own laptop to work on.

You can access the Wi-Fi available at the retreat venue for free. However, if you wish to bring your own wi-fi enabler, you may. Please note, Spark will not be responsible for any loss of data due to an internet breach at the retreat.

You can take pictures during the event, subject to the conditions of the retreat centre.

Yes, the retreat is designed to give participants maximum time with speakers. One-on-one questions with facilitators or speakers is encouraged .

Yes. Spark will honour every participant with a workshop completion certificate. Besides, three top participants will be awarded with winners’ certificates. The experinece you carry back on nuances of fiction writing from the retreat is immesuarable and uncomparable to any certificates. The retreat is really going to be a life changing experince in terms of elevating your capability.

Yes , 6 months mentorship post retreat is part of package , you can extend the mentorship period for an additional duration at a minimal cost. Please refer the website for costing information.

The package offers free publishing for the winner and supported publishing for the first runner-up of the in-retreat concert.

It is not obligatory to publish your book with Spark. However, we will be delighted to be a part of your book writing experience.

Yes , your request will be considered and the best resolution will be provided.