Edward Bulwer-Lytton, English novelist and playwright had said – The pen is mightier than the sword. Well! SPARK as a platform epitomises this statement.


As the name goes, SPARK ignites an inspiration within the writer to express thoughts, views, emotions in the most honest and creative way. SPARK is a platform where many of likeminded people (who love to express themselves through words) come together to kindle a light of inspiration, aspiration and perspiration. The writers get inspired by each other, aspire that their views and expressions are well received by the readers and perspire to continuously improve the way of expression with each story that they write.

SPARK brings together the most enthusiastic, scintillating, passionate, and sincere individuals who share their personal journey through stories across a wide range of topics. With such wide range, SPARK has opened a wide Kaleidoscope for self-motivated writers and this is a movement that continues to gain momentum and popularity with passing time.

The best part of SPARK as a platform is that you get to meet people who are so heterogeneous in terms of culture, background, personal and professional choices, yet so inclusive and uniform in their passion for writing. SPARK creates synergy and vibrancy with its diversity.

Within a year, Spark grew from just Capt. Sahana to 10 members and soon hit the 100 mark. During this time, Sparkians believed in publishing anthologies and Capt. Sahana launched a whole new platform for us and several aspiring writers across the country via Spark Publications.
Spark Publications has launched 10 books as of date, and has several more in the pipeline.

The first book Soul’s Sojourn is an anthology of various writers’ spiritual journey. This book was released by Shri Shri Ravi Shankar at the Art of Living foundation. Following that, Spark Books launched its second anthology – Delete, Log off, Shutdown Corruption, which is the common man’s take on how not just India, but any country, can overcome corruption as a collective force. Inspired by the writing, we were honoured to have Dr. Kiran Bedi, the honourable governor of Puducherry, release the book and also share her honest review on her Facebook channel.

Over the last two years, Spark has published anthologies and even a series by a teenage author. Several of our books, including Code, Uncode Your Psy-Key on mental wellness, A Melange of Outpourings on emotions and A Labyrinth of Relationships have been Amazon Bestsellers. Our recent publication, A Dot That Changed My Life has been an inspiring book that showcases heroes from our everyday lives. They may not have won a bravery award, but their impact on the lives of people around them has been tremendous and life-changing for many.

Mr. Joshi’s book For Whom, Our Media?, is one of Spark Publications’ dear work. We believe that the tremendous working insights provided by Mr. Joshi via this book will enable retrospective thinking and encourage media persons to strengthen their roots towards responsible journalism. The book will soon become a text book for journalism students of Bangalore university.

Capt. Sahana Sundar was striving to learn the art of writing when a Eureka moment led her to create a conglomerate of writers with her launch of SPARK – Igniting Minds, a writing community.
Capt. Sahana has been a passionate writer with an intense quest for knowledge. Her launch of Spark gave a massive platform for several aspiring writers across the world. The platform of Spark provided aspiring, writers, bloggers, short-story tellers, journalists, marketers and people from many other walks of life to share their literary art, exchange best practices, indulge in intelligent debates and discussions surrounding writing forms and improve their expression of thoughts with words.
Capt. Sahana went on to then establish a publishing house called The Spark Books which provided a perfect platform for several budding writers to publish their works in a cost-effective manner, but with all-round support – from editing support to mentorship, publishing and marketing.
Ever motivating and ever encouraging, Capt. Sahana guides Sparkians to empower themselves through their written expressions. Her philosophy in life is to learn till the grave, heal and impact the world with her wisdom and learning. She worked as an administrative officer in National Cadet Corps, the largest youth organization of India and strived to bring a positive change in the youth of the country. She is a blogger, writer and an aspiring author. Her novel Anand will be launched very soon.
As a publisher, she has published ten books that includes anthologies and books of debutante authors.