How do you develop writing discipline?

How do you develop writing discipline?

As you all know dreams get you started and discipline keeps you going…

Yes, you may have all the talent and dreams of becoming a great writer, but you cant become one unless you start to write and have the right daily writing discipine.

How to develop a writing discipline? I have outlined here a few points as how to develop the habit of writing:


The first thing I did when I decided to become a writer was to buy diaries and notebooks with beautiful covers that had inspiring writing quotes. The first book I purchased had the quote- ‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.’

If I ever need an inspiration  or just want my words flowing on the pages, I peep into the wisdom of great authors.

You too may have a ritual or muse that set you going…to write or ink words on the paper. Find that ritual/ muse.


Writing a 500-1000 words everyday may seem like climbing the highest peak in the world. But I would advise you to continue writing because when going gets tough, the tough get going.

While writing your terrible first draft, dont judge your writing harshly. Keep your inner editor off while writing that first draft of yours.

Suppose you end up writing less than your set word count, dont worry, you can make it up the next day. It is always better to keep a weekly word count.


Sometimes you get stuck in the middle of your story due to lack of techniques or plan, then, I suggest to read and analyze a novel of your favourite author; understand how the author  links characters and scenes and how he develops conflicts in the story. Brain map the structure of the story and apply the same technique and plan to your story.


You always feel happy and accomplished when you have completed the set word count for the day. Reward yourself. You are naturally surrounded with positive vibes. Enjoy the feeling today. Repeat the same tomorrow.

What is that sets you apart from the non disciplinary pack of authors? Jeff Goin says “The difference between a professional and amateur is simple- it’s PRACTICE. The amateur quits; the pro never gives up.

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