Should Google be the only source of research while writing?

Should Google be the only source of research while writing

Good write up is a gathering of required knowledge and channelized in proper steps which expresses the voice of the writer. Equivalent knowledgeable stuff helps to make article mass readable. The digital world has made it easier to collect the information on Google or other social media platforms.

The question arise, Is digital knowledge is sufficient for good write-up? As per me the

answer is…. No, the stuff which is easily available may not give you popularity. Most of the celebrity writers have not made use of information which is easily available on Google, instead they put efforts to reach for the right information. After books attain popularity Google shared all those collective information. Let the enlightenment spread with your name. People will recall your name when discussion happens in that particular topic.

If one visits the old library or read an intellectual writer’s book they will come to the conclusion that a collection of knowledgeable stuff is gathered from small segments of the world. The collection of information from personalized stories, personal experience, conversations with senior authorities of society helps to reach at exact destination of awareness about the topics. Though Google has sufficient amount of information but the knowledge is endless. Human mind carries many information or resources to provide correct guidelines for most of the queries. . Sometimes healthy debate is required to reach the accurate information about the topic. So, only Google will not be a Wiseman’s decision. The best writers have ‘Own Views ‘. Your own view helps you to create a trademark which benefits you in the future and maintains a steady impact of your work. As per my experience the things which I learned from my school teacher’s or my parents or grandparents are not found on Google. Even if I Google about Bhagvat Geeta and I read the book available with my father in law has many differences which need to be highlighted for the readers. So if one wants to write something related to Bhagvat Geeta the information Google gives is not sufficient. I feel they should read books and even visit our great Guru’s to acknowledge their experiences about our culture.

Google can give good guidelines and advice but to reach the depth of a topic one needs to research personally in general areas.

Hitangxi Bhuta

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