I always believe writing is an art – a creative one. One can write – when the inner urge comes out, and compels you to scribble something on the paper. There are very few people in this world who can write whenever they want – I call them blessed and born to write. For a majority of people like me – I can write whenever the inner author wakes up from its slumber. 

Though I am still a novice at writing but I would like to list down a few pointers which I believe are major roadblocks in writing. These are from my own experience which I have felt over the years. 

  1. Society outlook towards Authors: I was smitten by the writing bug at a very young age (as early as at the age of 12) an I had started writing a lot of poems / short stories for my school magazine which were received very well by the school authorities. But my parents / relatives did not take that well. Always used to hear what will you do by writing, what will be your future, what will you earn, etc. And somewhere in between growing up and meeting the society expectations – the childhood dream of writing and becoming an author was crushed. 
  1. Self-Doubts: We are our best and worst critics – which is a boon and a bane at the same time.  There has been umpteen number of times when I had written something and tore the papers thinking it is crap, trash. This is not my best or I am not able to do this or I will do this later – these are the self-doubts which become a roadblock. 
  1. Distractions:  At some point we’ve all given in to some form of distraction – external or internal. The urge to switch to do something else: check social media, check your email, go out with friends, watch a movie, take a nap, etc. are some set of distractions which I have experienced over the past. 
  1. Believing that writing is an easy job: Lot of people believe writing is an easy job, no – it is not. It requires lot of time, focus and a lot of patience to write. The illusion of writing a book is super easy – fades away once you actually sit down to write. A lot of people struggle to put thoughts of mind on a piece of paper and then when the dream crumbles down. 
  1. Not having enough time to write: We all are busy in our daily life – we are juggling many different things during the day. And it becomes difficult to take out time to write every day. 
  1. Lack of creativity: One has to practise writing everyday – it gives you confidence that one can write. Just because I am a good reader and eventually, I decide to write does not makes me a good writer. I need to have ideas; I need to be creative if I want to be a writer. 
  1. Choosing what to write: Choosing the plot, the genre is a herculean task leading to confusion on what should I write, shall I choose to write romantic, mythological, tragedy. No matter which genre one chooses they get compared to the renowned names and get ridiculed. This fear and confusion lead to a lot of budding writers give up their dreams. 
  1. Choosing the right audience: It is very difficult to visualize who is my target audience – whether it is someone who likes to read a paperback edition or someone who is browsing on their kindle app. Is my audience young coffee sipping crowd, or am I writing for professionals in their mid-40s, or am I writing for that generation which have seen a major part of life. What would be my audience likes and dislikes and writing according to them is a major challenge. 
  1. Not knowing on what to do next: The last and major roadblock is not able to decide on what to do once I am done writing. A lot of us do not have an idea on how to get their work published. A lot of people choose to remain private – they keep their writing to themselves and after a point of time the enthusiasm to write is lost. 

There may be many other factors which act as roadblock in writing – but the above ones are the most important roadblocks in the career of a writer. Overcoming these roadblocks can easily make a person a great writer, and succumbing to them will break a writer. 

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